A sequence is a default numbering system for both ideas and KPIs, dictated by department choice.

Click the Add button for a new sequence numbering. Select a sequence to edit an existing one.

  • Name: Create a name for the sequence. You will be able to search by this name when assigning to Departments, etc. (Only the name of the sequence is a required field.)
  • Counter: The counter value would be the last number of the sequence.
  • Increment: Define the increments by which the sequence will increase. The sequence can have a custom increment value which is defaulted to 1. 
  • Padding: This will be the number of characters you would like the number in the sequence to maintain. i.e. padding of 3 will result in the first sequence being 001.
  • Prefix, Suffix: Each sequence can have a prefix as well as a suffix defined.

These sequences can be assigned to a department structure, and they will be used to determine the KPI or Idea code when assigned to this department structure(Department, Sub-department or Teams)