In this tab, you can see the performance of the Idea.

The Idea stages and the status for each stage are shown; the forecasted timeline of the Idea is shown below each stage name. Green means the Idea has moved into this stage, red indicates the Idea is off-track. This widget can be selected to navigate to the Approvals tab.

The Benefits Delivery widget summarizes the Financials of the Idea, showing the forecast and actual values calculated for the current month(when the Idea was viewed).

If there is a warning, a triangle is shown in the widget, more information is shown when hovering over the icon.

The timeline status widget displays the status of the Idea with regards to the stage the Idea should be in. 

Green - On Track, Amber - At-Risk and Red - Off Track

The Run Rate Benefits widget shows the Benefits tab's chart; click on the widget to go to the Benefits tab.

Overdue Actions from the Idea's workplan are also shown, these actions can be edited by clicking on the action name or marked as complete by ticking the box.

The Risks widget shows all the risks that were identified with the colour indicating the relevant risk rating. 

KPI's that have been added to the VDT will automatically be shown here and cannot be removed from this view; additional KPI's can be added by clicking the "+Add KPI" button on the top right. To remove a KPI from the idea, click on the Trash icon.

The date used to generate the KPI Chart above is determined as follows:

  • The system will use the Implementing Stage Revised Date if specified.
  • If the Revised date is not specified for the Implementing Stage, the Target Date will be used.
  • Otherwise, if there are no Implementing Stage Target and Revised Dates specified, the chart will be generated from the date when the Idea was created.

The Up to Date status of the KPI is determined as follows:

  • The KPI status is updated every time KPI values are uploaded or updated based on the selected performance period. i.e. if a KPI has values uploaded for its performance period, it will be Up To Date underwise it will not be Up To date.

If a KPI is linked in the VDT, it cannot be deleted from here, however, clicking on will go to the KPI.

Changes to the Performance Dashboard are saved automatically.