For a user to have access to the full help functionality, these settings must be enabled under their user profile in administration, be selecting the support widget and Help Tours options.

The Help pane is opened by clicking the question mark (?) in the main menu toolbar and it will default to information about the page you are on.

The help icon opens the help menu (located at the top right of the screen)
Support widget - open a ticket submission pop-out, which is used to contact PiPware support
Support Bot - PiPware chat bot Pepper may be able to assist you based on keywords you provide
Start Tour - provides a walkthrough tour of the page
Closes the help pop-out
Default text will be shown on some pages - ginv g abrief overview of the page
Search bar 

Help Guide - opens the fill list of all PiPware articles
FAQ's - opens the Frequently asked questions pop-out
New Experience - opens help articles related to the new PiPware experience
New release features - provides a change log for different versions of PiPWare