Last updated: 31/08/2023

These are the changes coming with version 2.1.*

The team is constantly improving the general performance of the system

Changes in 2.1.83

  • Added ordering on the new Idea Definitions > Workflow screen.

Changes and bug fixes in 2.1.79

  • Updated the UI of the Idea/Initiative Definitions administration screen.

  • Fixed an issue where the “Include Descendants” filter check box was not working on the Ideas/Initiatives “Cards” view.

  •  Fixed a filtering issue when loading the Cumulative Benefits Report where ideas linked to descendants were being excluded when filtering by ALL.

  • Updated the link to the Acceptable Use Policy.

  • Re-instated the Risk Report for PMO sites.

  • Added Sites column to the E-Mail Subscriptions page.

  • We added a Cumulative Benefits V3 API that returns the requested data differently.

    Returned JSON format:
  • We removed the Manage Tasks permission which is no longer relevant to the new PMO structure. 

  • Addressed Memory leak issues on the Meetings Module. 

  • Fixed a filtering issue when filtering with multiple Custom Fields on the Initiatives/Ideas Pipeline view.

  • Fixed an issue where Sub-Portfolios were not displaying on the Portfolio Workplan page.

  • Fixed a sliding issue when you resize the fixed columns "Code" and "Name" on the Ideas/Initiatives pipeline page.

  • Updated the V2 and V3 Bulkdata Ideas APIs to always ensure that it returns, all ideas with a BenefitStartDate greater than the specified FromDate and returns all ideas with a BenefitEndDate less than the specified ToDate.
    • /api/v2/BulkData/ideas
    • /api/v3/BulkData/ideas

  • Updated the change password page to a dialog to ensure users are not navigated away from the main screen.

  • Fixed an issue where the Site Logo was not displaying when logging in or out of the system.

  • Added the Site Name on the Header of the Email Reminder notification.

  • Removed the loading overlay when making changes to the Idea Forecasts page.

  • We ensured you can Import and Export autocompleted values, and that reports and widgets also display the values as expected.
    • Cumulative Pipeline 
    • Initiative Pipeline Summary 
    • Pipeline By Site 
    • Benefit Contribution

  • When you click on AutoFill you will now get to specify when you want this to End.

  • We fixed a Timeout issue when editing Portfolios.

  • Fixed an issue with not being able to add new KPI types. 

Changes and bug fixes in 2.1.16:

  • We fixed a timeout issue when loading the KPIs list throughout the system e.g. in Rars and Meetings. together with not being able to add new KPIs via the UI.

  • We removed the All as an option when assigning user access, you now need to select the site.
    • Before
    • Now

  • We fixed a timeout issue on the ideas list and filter slide-out.

  • We fixed a filtering issue when using the 'Include Descendent' filter throughout the system this filter tells the system to include all sub-departments of the selected business unit or department.

  • We fixed a filtering issue that resulted in duplicates when filtering the Ideas list with the Status filter.

  • We hid the Idea Lifespan Start and End dates on the Idea page - Which are meant to capture the lifespan of an Idea indicating when it started and when it is anticipated to end for planning and reporting purposes.

  • We added the ability to capture daily forecast values under the new Forecasts tab.
    • We also added the ability to capture negative forecast percentages and we also addressed a formatting issue.

  • We fixed a paging issue on the Ideas list where the number of returned ideas at the bottom bar was incorrect.

  • We fixed a custom field filtering issue on the Idea Cards view.

  • We fixed an issue that affected the Meetings loading speed together with the Recurrence filter not displaying options to select from.

  • We fixed an issue that slowed down all background jobs, they are not processing timeously. e.g. Email Reminders, Rar Emails, and all Downloads.

  • We fixed an issue that affected the uploaded logo and added padding around it.

  • Updated the logic used to determine the Overall Risk column to only consider the severity rating of the captured Risks. 

  • We added a Technology Readiness Level & Commercial Readiness Index fields to Ideas which can also be imported, these are global standards.

  • We fixed an issue that affected capturing the Homesite when creating a new User.
  • We ensured that the Showing together with the Benefit type filter labels are hidden on the Ideas list when a Site doesn't use Non-Financial categories.