These are the changes coming with version 2.2.42.

Note: The team is constantly improving the general performance of the system.

New Features: 

  • Revamped the layout of the Ideas/Initiatives and Concepts pages in the Idea/Initiative Module for a more modern appearance.
    • Fresh and modern look, making navigation and management more intuitive and user-friendly.
    • The idea code and name is now a bread crumb.
    • Click the burger menu icon to view the new menu layout.



  • Introduced a new 'Log-in Activity' report within the 'Administration' section of the Report Module, facilitating user activity management and monitoring.
    • Empowering administrators to efficiently manage and monitor user activity, enhancing security and access control.
    • This report will include user log-in information such as Name, Username, Email, Site, and Login date.
    • Filters can also be applied to this report to identify specific log-in information.

  • Added a multi-select 'Sites' field to the Email Subscription page, empowering users to customize their email preferences for specific sites they have access to.

        Enabling users to receive notifications tailored to specific sites they have access to.


  • Enhanced the usability of the period selection button in the Idea/Initiative Forecast and Benefits pages, both for financial and non-financial aspects.

           This improvement streamlines the forecasting and benefits analysis process.


  • Removed the loading overlay that previously appeared when making updates on the Idea/Initiative Forecast page.

           This update makes the experience smoother and more efficient.

  • Updated the Acceptable Use Policy to the End User License Agreement, now accessible on the login page and in the footer after logging in.

           Access the EULA more conveniently, ensuring compliance and transparency. 



  • Improved the Benefit Contribution report, which can now be activated and viewed as needed.

           New improvement now facilitating better insights and decision-making.


  • Rectified an issue where a module tab would erroneously appear in the main menu for a user that did not have role/permission access to that module. 
  • Resolved an issue where the ‘Name’ field in the KPI list would disappear when a user zoomed in on their screen or browser.    
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in an "Access denied" error message when trying to edit Ideas/KPIs that the user had legitimate access to.
  • Resolved an issue where imports to a VDT failed to verify reference nodes of the child node, potentially causing a risk of circular referencing. 
  • Enhanced the loading time in the User List within the Administration module.
  • Enhanced the response time within the KPI module when capturing KPI values.