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The following section appears when the Portfolio management screen is open. The site areas appear to assist with configuring this screen as preferred.

Portfolio Management Site Areas

When logging into the Portfolio platform, the area section will appear as shown below:

Details: Displays the name of the site, description, type, access and inherited access. The Name and Description can be edited
Ideas/Initiatives: Displays the Initiatives of a portfolio.

You can alter the view of the initiatives area by toggling through this button for either the List view or the Pipeline view. The two views appear as follows:
List View:
Displays the Initiatives in a list format
Pipeline View:
Displays the initiatives in matrix format
You can filter the initiatives by clicking on this button, which opens a pop-up on the right side of the screen as displayed below. Once the filters have been selected, click on "Filter" to activate.

Workplan: Displays the workplan of the site

Slide the toggle to the right to activate the Critical Path button, which will highlight the bar on the chart for the site workplan in orange.
Displays the workplan in weeks, months, quarters, or years. To make a selection, click on the displayed option (e.g., Weeks) and choose from the options in the drop-down list.
Expands or collapse the secondary workplan items on a site
Exports the workplan either in Excel or PDF
Opens the Filter panel to filter the workplan items as preffered
Displays the workplan screen in full screen mode
Opens the column picker pane to configure the columns to display on the workplan
Risk: Displays the risks associated with the initiatives. You can change the view of the risks by using the Risk Matrix toggle to switch from list view to matrix.

Dependencies: shows the workplan dependencies associated with the site. You can also filter for specific dependencies

Resources: Displays the resources available for a particular site

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Please see the following article is on Portfolio Configuration.