These are the changes coming with version 2.5.

Note: The team is constantly improving the general performance of the system.

New Features: 

  • Cash Flow and Investment Evaluation: A new Cash Flow page has been added to each initiative/idea, featuring both Cash Flow and Investment Evaluation tables. The Cash Flow table now serves as a consolidated replacement for the previous One-Off Benefits and One-off Cost tables on the Idea Benefit($) page. Additionally, the Investment Evaluation table enables the calculation of NPV (Net Present Value), IRR (Internal Rate of Return), and Payback Periods, utilizing data from the Cash Flow table.

  • Enhanced Value Hound VDT Functionality: The Value Hound VDTs now support a structure where Parent VDTs can have multiple linked Child VDTs. The 'References' link on the VDT canvas will indicate the number of times a VDT has been referenced or linked.
  • Custom Target Display on KPI Charts: We've extended the display of Custom Targets on KPI Charts to include visibility in VDTs, Dashboards, RARs, and Meetings, ensuring comprehensive tracking across all platforms.
  • Bulk Ideas API Updates: The Bulk Ideas API has been expanded to allow for the extraction of Cancelled and Archived ideas/initiatives, facilitating better data management and analysis.
  • Refined 'Top 25 Widget': The widget has been updated to display only Active, Approved, and On-Hold initiatives, with the addition of a 'Portfolio' column to enhance data visibility and organization.
  • Administration Page Visual Updates: The following Administration pages have undergone a facelift to improve visual coherence and usability: Meeting Targets, Meeting Quality, RAR Targets, RAR Compliance Rules, Stages, KPI Types, Idea Sources, Idea Review Questions, Severities, and Risk Types


Bug fixes: 

  • Addressed a bug that previously hindered the construction of dashboards under certain conditions.
  • Corrected a problem where VDT nodes failed to save when decimals were set to zero or left blank.
  • Fixed an issue where the Performance page for ideas/initiatives was not visible to users despite having the necessary permissions and access.
  • Resolved inconsistencies where configured date formats were not being uniformly applied throughout the system.
  • Improved the KPI Actuals and KPIs Excel export feature to accurately reflect the 'Measurement Types' options.
  • Addressed an issue preventing group icons on the Organisational Structure from updating.
  • Fixed a bug where the KPI widget erroneously showed the last update as '1 year ago.'
  • Rectified a problem where attempting to export KPIs resulted in an error message.
  • Solved a challenge in the Cumulative Benefit report where filtering on a child object, including descendants, prevented the report from generating pipeline targets.