The two reports are defined as follows:

  1. Run Rate Benefits – uses pipeline target data (idea investment and benefits data is NOT used)
    • Actual = Actual Idea benefit.
    • Forecast = Forecasted benefit for the Idea.
  2. Cash Benefits – uses cash benefit targets data and includes Idea investment and benefits data captured
    • Actual = Actual IdeaBenefit + Benefit Investment(s) - CAPEX/OPEX investment(s).
    • Forecast = Forecasted benefit for the Idea +  Benefit Investment(s) - CAPEX/OPEX investment(s)

Based on the Benefit Target Setting highlighted below, the Target line on the Cumulative Benefit Report will be affected accordingly to use either Benefit Targets or Pipeline Targets.

The different target values are defined and specified in the relevant sections as follows, in conjunction with the benefit target setting above. Further, note if the system is configured to use Cash Benefit targets instead of Pipeline targets It will not use the stage percentage when calculating the target values.

The Cash Benefit report will have a Zero Target line unless certain ideas have investments specified.

Investment categories are defined on Administration -> Investment Categories.