This article is relevant to pre-2022 versions. For the latest version see New Experience

User Menu

This menu item allows the logged-in user to view or make changes to their profile, change their password, set their unavailability or delegations or to log out of the application.

To access this Sub Menu, click on the user avatar .


This is where the user can make changes to their personal info such as name, email, phone and mobile numbers, language (user-specific for PIPware, this requires the user to log out and back in again for the change to take effect), Time zone.

For access to Power BI, the user can retrieve their unique API Key from here as well which is used as authentication. 

It also provides the user with the ability to subscribe to the Daily mailer, which sends a list of all the user’s outstanding tasks on the system once a day. 

Change Password

The user can make use of this page to update their password. Please note that passwords need to comply with the Site password policy.

The user is required to know their current (old) password in order for the change to be successful.

See more information about forgotten passwords and admin ability to reset passwords under the Login folder of this guide. 


What is delegation? This refers to the person(s) who will act on the user when they are away. They will then be required to carry out active duties (approvals) of the unavailable user.

Also displays information about the user(s) that have delegated their duties to the logged-on user.


Unavailability is used for when the user is not around and a RAR cannot be conducted. This would then in turn place a blank icon in the place of red /green smiley for when the user has no RAR created. See RAR status section for more on how the status is derived. 

The period specified should include the day when the user was supposed to have his/her meeting to prevent the RAR from being marked Red. 

Note, the unavailability only works for the specified period.


This is used to log the user out of the system.