The site page allows the user to set the global parameters for the site. Here the user can make specific site changes such as:

  • Name: Fill in the name of the client/site here
  • Currency: Choose a currency that will be used by the Site
  • Language: Choose a language appropriate for the client (individual user selected language takes precedence)
  • Time Zone: Choose a time zone appropriate for the client
  • Week Day: Select a start date for the software use (This would be the first day of the week for the site)
  • Paper size: Select output paper size  (For printing purposes) 
  • Day of Week to Lock RAR: Select a date which will be used to lock the RARs on the system (This is to prevent users from making changes in the current RAR after the specified date)
  • Working Days: Select site working days that will be used when calculating benefits
  • Authentication Method
  • Restrict Organisation Access

There are also two additional settings in the top right corner of the Site page: 

  • Unavailability: Set site unavailability, the specified unavailability period will be excluded from the Months production days. i.e. for the December period when companies close the period can be captured and excluded from the 31 production days.
  • Themes Setting: Upload site logo, site login logo, report header logo and site login background image