The Settings page allows the user to set various items for the site. These include:

  • RAR tracking parameters
  • Colour palates for the charts and reports
  • Cumulative benefit stage gate targets
  • Making Idea benefit dates required.
  • Specifying the target levels i.e. department or sub-department.
  • PowerBI reports credentials

This page is divided into the groups: 


  • Date Format: Site wide formatting of the date
  • Financial Year Start day: The date of the beginning of the financial year
  • Legacy Exports: If turned on, this will then provide exports in the same format of v1, to include columns that were removed in v2. This is to assist clients who have set up third party applications to read from PIPware exports
  • Disable Inactive Users: Automatically disable users that have not logged in for the specified number of days. Set to 0 if you do not want to automatically disable users 


  • Report Date Default Days
  • Warning level: This value would determine if a KPI value is shown as red (When the KPI value is less than this value) or amber (When the KPI value is between the specified value and the KPI Target)
  • Chart Baseline Colour: This would be the colour of the baseline bar in the KPI summary chart
  • Chart Month Color: This would be the color of the Month bars in the KPI summary chart
  • Chart Week Color: This would be the color of the Weekly bars in the KPI summary chart
  • Chart Day Color : This would be the color of the Daily bars in the KPI summary chart
  • KPI Target Line: The current KPI target will persist until a new target is captured (For Monthly KPIs).   
  • Target Line Colour: The colour of the target line on the KPI chart


  • RAR- Review Interval Days: This would determine the default interval of RAR’s. This is a daily value, if it should be a week, then the value entered should be 7.
  • RAR intervals: This would be the intervals shown in the RAR reports. If the above value is set to 7 (1 week) and the value in this setting is 5, the report would then display the results for 5 weeks.
  • Compliance Status weight: Green: Weight of the green status in a RAR Quality report
  • Compliance Status weight: Amber: Weight of the green status in a RAR Quality report
  • Compliance Status weight: Red: Weight of the green status in a RAR Quality report
  • RAR Instructions: Value entered here will be displayed on the RAR Cover page
  • RAR Report Heading Foreground Colour: The foreground colour to use on the RAR Headings in the PDF Download 
  • Add All Actions: If enabled, the system will include all incomplete actions else it will only include actions due before the next RAR


  • Display factor for idea values in reports: An idea value is divided by this setting value and then displayed, example: setting value is 1 000 000, and the idea value is 10 000 000, therefore the value display would be 10M
  • Decimal places of idea values in reports: How many decimal places used in an idea in a report
  • Display abbreviation of idea values in reports:  Symbol used to display the value in a report, if using the example in the Display factor setting above, then the value for this would-be M, else if this is B, then the value would display as 10B.
  • Calculate current month benefits: Should the current month display as a forecast or current actual
  • Ideas count to show: When doing the idea report, the default number of ideas per group (Idea progress by department report)
  • Pipeline target level: Whether targets are set on Department or Sub Department level
  • Benefit target: The targets to be used in the Cumulative benefits report
  • Tracking start date: The start date of the benefit tracking
  • Effective target date source: Source of the idea pipeline targets
  • Use VDT: Whether a VDT is used or manual input is required for the annualized value of Ideas
  • Amber status due date threshold: When actions are within this value, they would then appear as amber (This value is in days). 10 days within a due date, the action would appear amber
  • Benefit Dates
  • Show Stage Gates in the Workplan
  • Display Weekends on Gantt
  • Include Custom Fields on the main Idea Form
  • Workplan Critical Path Color
  • Workplan Milestone Color
  • Workplan Priority Milestone Color


  • KPI node color: See image below
  • Constant node color: See image below
  • Parent node color: See image below
  • VDT node color: See image below
  • Warning level


  • Power BI Client ID 
  • Power BI Client Secret key 
  • Admin Azure User Name 
  • Admin Azure User Password 
  • Azure Tenant ID

Key Parameter:

  • Chart Total Gap To Be Filled Colour

Capability Building:

  • Capability Matrix Training Module Completed Color
  • Capability Matrix Training Module Incomplete Color


  • Meeting Report Header Logo