Each user needs to be set up in the system with their name, username, email address and a password. On this page, you will be able to view and search for existing users in the system, change their passwords or delete the user. 

  • You can add a new user from this page by clicking the add button at the top right
  • Click the delete button to remove a user from the system. All user information will be removed
  • Click on the Key icon to change a User’s password
  • Click on the open Lock icon to unlock a user

Adding a new user:

Complete the basic information required on the user form.

  • Person Position is the user’s position in the company, e.g. Mine Manager or CI Manager
  • Role determines what rights the user has on the system – these are set in the “Roles” section
  • A username must be provided which is then used on the login page to log in to the system. Once a user has been saved and created, a link would be emailed to the user and upon opening the link, the user can set a password.
  • If the user should be allowed to log a support ticket from within the system, enable the Support widget to allow the user to see the support icon on the menu.
  • Expanding each of the sections under the User’s profile will allow you to set the Access, Delegations and roles.

This section should be populated if the user will make use of RARs.

RAR Start and End Date:

The date of when the user will start or end to RAR. If a user creates a RAR outside this period, the RAR report will not be affected by the compliance of the RAR and the RAR will not be considered.

RAR Frequency: 

This value will be multiplied by the RAR interval from the settings page. If the interval is set to 1 (week) and the frequency is set to 2, 1 x 2 = 2, therefore the user would RAR every 2 weeks. If the value is left blank then it will be defaulted to 1.

RAR Sections:

This will be the sections of the RAR that will be applicable for the user. If the sections are not ticked, they would then not appear on the RAR screen.


This would be the users on the system that would be responsible for the user when they are away and not available.

The delegate would be the person who takes on the responsibility and this would be between the start and end dates that are entered.


This is where the user can be assigned a role which will provide the user access to certain areas of the system. Please see below chapter on Roles for more info.


Idea Scope, KPI Scope and Actions Scope Limit which Ideas, KPIs and Actions the user can see:

  • Global (all)
  • Specific to their department.
  • Only ideas, KPIs and Actions which they own directly

If Super User is enabled, the user would then have unrestricted access to the Idea and or KPI for the selected department or sub department.

Multiple levels of access can be created for the user.