This is where the rules of the RAR status/compliance are set up. There are four criteria which can be used to measure the status of the RAR. 

Not all rules need to be used, when they are used, the rule can be set up, and if a RAR does not meet the compliance, the status will be displayed in the Fail status selected.

On Negative Quality questions, the parameter value would be the minimum amount of questions that can have a negative answer.

Note: The order of the rules setup play a part. 

Scenario example:

  • If the distributed status is set to amber and the meeting did not take place status set to red then the following occurs:
  • Compliance set as Red if: RAR did not take place regardless of distributed status
  • Compliance set as Amber if: RAR did not get distributed and the meeting took place
  • Compliance set as Green if: RAR was distributed and the meeting took place