An idea is linked to an idea definition. Each definition has a specific set of stakeholders, workflows as well as workflow questions which are applicable to the idea. Click the Add button to add an Idea Definition.

Capture the idea definition details in the new window,

Each definition can have a set of workflows for the idea progression. Click “Workflows” to add/edit/delete idea workflows.


Each workflow can have a set of questions answered and then submitted for approval. Upon approving, the idea will then move to the set stage or status. Roles that are set up in a workflow become stakeholders for the idea and are mandatory approvers for the workflow.

Click “Add” or edit an existing workflow to specify any roles, prerequisites and stages. This page allows you to specify which roles are required to approve which checklists. Use the Add (  ) button to add roles for approval.

Note: If a key stakeholder for the Idea Form is unchecked here, the user can then go and delete the stakeholder from the Idea Form. 

A pre-requisite is set up when the workflow relies on another workflow before it can be submitted for approval (For example, before submitting the implementing workflow which will move the idea into implementing when approved, the idea form workflow, HSE and QC workflows need to be approved)

Requirement Groups: this is text inserted on the workflow to show what is required for this approval.

Items: this is questions the requester needs to complete in order for the workflow to be submitted for approval.