There are 4 Idea Stages according to PIP Methodology. 

Stages are used by the system to determine the Benefit Target Percentage that an Idea is expected to deliver as per Stage.

Default system Stage settings are as follows:

The Stage percentage is used by the system to calculate the Idea expected/Forecast benefit driven by the Timeline dates specified. 

  • Evaluating: 0% Benefit expected.
  • Implementing: 0% Benefit expected.
  • Cash Flowing: 50% Benefit exected.
  • Locked In: 100% Benefit expected.

Please note these percentages can be changed as desired using 'Benefit Target Percent'. Note that the stage benefit target percentage can alternatively be overwritten on an Idea level by manually capturing the expected Forecast percentage on the Idea Forecasts section.

Each stage can be set up with its own colors to be identified by on reports using Foreground and Background.