The enhancements in PiPware 20192.1 include the following: 



  •  Bug fixes & Enhancements: We have resolved minor bugs identified in the previous release as well as general User Interface enhancements to improve your overall PIPware user experience.  
  •  Mobile optimization: We have optimized PiPware to cater for mobile devices, starting with managing and tracking actions. Upcoming releases will include further mobile optimizing enhancements for the rest of the application.  
  •  User Admin: We have now added functionality which allows administrators to transfer ownership of Actions, Outstanding Approvals or Idea Ownership to another user when deleting users or structural changes occur within the organization. This can be found in the Administration | Users section.  
  •  Localisation: We are continually updating our localization keys in PiPware to cater for an array of languages and regions. 



  • Action Tagging: You are now able to add tags to an Action. Tagging actions allows the user to further refine reports or group actions by a common theme. 


API and Data integration 

  • Bulk Meetings: We have now included a bulk API for the Meetings module.  
  • Bulk Initiatives: Updated this API to now retrieve Benefits and Forecasts per Initiative 
  • Cumulative Benefits: We have now included a bulk API for the Cumulative Benefits report.


  • User Unavailability Report: We have now added a new Report that will provide an admin with all captured user unavailability periods on the system.

Calculated KPIs

  • The system has been enhanced to ensure that calculated KPIs are update within a reasonable amount of time when parameter KPI(s) are updated.


 PiPware PMO 

  •  New module: We have added a new PIPware PMO module as part of this release. Contact to request more information or to be put in touch with a PIP consultant for a demo.

Sustaining Capital

  • Validation Messages: Added validation messages to notify users when something does wrong in the system.
  • Reports: Report charts have been reworked.