This functionality allows you to be able to rename parts of the system to be as desired i.e. labels or tooltips.

  • First you will need ensure you have the Manage Language Keywords permission, which is located on Administrator -> Roles ->(click on your Role)

  • You will then be provided with a screenshot as follows, you might need to hard refresh your browser(Ctrl+F5) or log out and back in.


  • Search for the Keyword you would like to change from a particular language, e.g.  "From" see the image below:


  • Then Click on the Keyword you want to update, change the Local Value then Save.

To Bulk update the Keys, you will be required to export the Language Keywords populate the respective translation on the Local Value column.

  • The Export can be scheduled on Administration -> Exports then add the Language Keywords. See the image below:

  • After you have the Language Keywords translated you can then upload the file back to the system. This is in Administration -> Imports Then you add the Language Keywords import see the image below:


On either option above, you might need to hard refresh your browser (Ctrl+F5) or log out and back in. In order to see the updated localisation keyword.