The KPI Edit screen allows you to capture and edit information relating to the KPI and how it behaves.

KPIs can also be bulk uploaded using the Import section of the site.

Click the Ellipses (  ) icon on the top right of the screen to navigate to other screens related to the KPI.

Capture all the relevant information for the KPI in the fields provided.

Is Calculated?

This allows the newly created KPI Actual and Targets to be calculated based on other KPI’s using a specified formula, The newly created KPI will contain values that are a result of the specified formulae which is then persisted until new KPI values are specified, so on!

Performance Period:

This sets the period in which the KPIs performance will be reviewed (monthly, weekly, daily etc). This period will define how the status pf the KPI is calculated (over what period). Find more information in the Performance Period article in this guide. 

Warning Level:

This is used to determine the amber color status of the KPI, Which occurs when the variance percentage is negative but greater than the specified warning level (percentage).

Control Chart:

When selected, allows a user to have a more controlled KPI chart, you will have to specify the Lower and Upper Bounds for the Amber and Green Status. Please note the same is applied throughout the system where the KPI is used.

  • i.e. The status will change respectively in correspondence to the actual entered vs the lower bound and upper bound targets.

Allow zeroes: 

Selecting this checkbox indicates that a zero value can be captured as a tracking value for a KPI. If this checkbox is not selected users will not be allowed to capture zero values for KPI tracking information. If this checkbox is selected, zero values will be included when the average is calculated.

Measurement type:

The measurement type selected will impact the KPI charts within the RAR module. Measurement Type definitions can be found at the bottom of the KPI form.

The following measurement types are available:

Daily values or Performance rate: Reports on DAILY VALUES OR RATE OF PERFORMANCE and the AVERAGE of these daily values for the production month/week. (Total for day e.g. tonnes OR Average values for a day, e.g. Tonnes per hour, recovery %).

Cumulative Daily Values: Reports on DAILY VALUES and the SUM of these daily values for the production month/week. These values can be intermittent (like LTI’s) or regular (like total daily throughput).

Cumulative MTD Values: Reports on MONTH TO DATE TOTAL for a KPI. The value reported on is the LATEST VALUE ENTERED for the reporting period. Values to capture are the MTD totals at the given day.

Progressive MTD Values: Reports on a PROGRESSIVE VALUE/weighted average for the production month. The value reported on is the LATEST VALUE ENTERED for the reporting period. An example is progressive head grade.