Enter the basic idea information in this section of the form.


This will be the title of the idea, used for display purposes throughout the site.

Idea #:

Assign an Idea Number to the idea. If a an idea number is not given, the application will auto generate a number. The number generated will be determined by the department selected and will follow a sequential order. Idea numbers must be unique. An idea will not be created if the idea number captured is already in use.

Department & Sub Department:

Select the department to which the idea belongs (e.g. Mining, Engineering, Supply). Do the same for the Sub Department. 


A list of all the users who have permissions of an idea owner will be displayed. Only users who are idea owners can be selected as idea owners.

Idea Source: 

Select the source of the idea (e.g. Diagnostic, Idea Generation Session)

KPI Type:

This can be Throughput, Cost Wiring, Cost Reductions, etc.

Idea Definition:

This will display the type of idea as per the selection made, either “Usage/CI”, “Sourcing” or another Definition created for the site.