To get an idea from Evaluating into Implementing, the order of checklist submission is as follows:

  1. The Quality Control Checklist and Health and Safety Checklist need to be submitted and approved before anything else can progress
  2. Once the Idea form is completed, only then can
  3. The Implementation Approval Checklist be submitted and approved, as defined on Idea Checklist Approval Process

The process of submitting a form/checklist for approval is as follows (eg. Idea form submission):

1. Assign the stakeholders to submit the form to, the approval request will be sent to all users based on the assigned Approval Group in ascending order.

This is to cater to scenarios where not all stakeholders are needed to approve the approval request at once. Sometimes, it is easier to stagger the approvals meaning only the most important stakeholder can approve first and the rest afterwards this is controlled by the group number assigned.

2. Stakeholders to Approve

Stakeholders are then required to approve the form/checklist, by selecting it from their Dashboard (under Pending Approvals), and click “Approve”

3. Check the status of the submission

By either selecting the idea from submitter’s dashboard, or by selecting “Approval Status” from the Idea form, the status of the submission can be monitored.

4. Cancel submission (if changes to the form are necessary)

If required, the form/checklist can be cancelled at any stage of the approval process (usually if changes are required that prevent the idea being approved)

When re-submitted, all stakeholders will be required to re-approve.

5. Approval Statuses

  • Pending
    • The request is pending approval from one of the specified stakeholder.
  • Deferred
    • The person is awaiting approval for the above-specified stakeholders to approve the request before they can approve.
      • this is as specified on the Workflow Roles on the Idea Definition.