The Current Pipeline shows all the current ideas in their various stages. The idea cards contain a summary of information relating to the idea.

Filters, Summary, and Pipeline:

  • The top of the screen allows you to sort and filter the idea cards you want to view on the board.
    • First column shows the idea category
    • Second column shows the total value of the ideas in each category
    • Third column shows the number of ideas in each category
  • The + and – buttons allow you to expand or collapse the idea cards

The pipeline is divided into each of the stages that an idea can be in. The $ value for each stage is the sum of the idea values in that stage. This value is dynamic based on the filter used.

Each stage contains the idea cards that are currently in that stage according to the filter used. .

Idea cards: 

The status indicator on the left of the idea card indicates if the idea is in the correct stage at this point in time.

  • Green if in the correct stage
  • Amber if within day range for next stage. This can be set under Admin > Site Settings – Next Gate Days
  • Red if idea has missed target date to move to next stage

The idea number on the card allows you to navigate to a specific idea detail by clicking on it.

The two blocks next to the idea number – the colours used correspond to the gating stage colours.

The first block displays which gating stage the idea should be in at the end of the month

The second block displays which gating stage the idea should be in during the next month.

The status indicator is determined by matching the colour of the first block and the gating stage colour that the idea is currently in. From the screenshot below, the first idea 2004’s status is red because the first block matches the Cash Flowing stage colour, signifying that the idea should be in the Cash Flowing stage at this point in time and hence the status is red.

The idea value is displayed on the top right of the card.

Below the idea number, the name of the idea is displayed.

When the idea card is expanded, the next action is displayed.

The amber indicator displays the number of outstanding actions that are coming due. The red indicator displays the number of actions that are overdue.