This article is relevant to pre-2022 versions. For the latest version see New Experience


The ideas pipeline is the heart of PiPware, and the repository of all Ideas captured in the system. It provides an overview of the health of the entire portfolio, and a glance at each ideas status. From here it is possible to drill down into ideas or areas to interrogate progress and outliers, or provide filtered views by categories and owners.  

Configuring the Ideas Pipeline

To make interrogation of the pipeline easier, there are two views available - accessed from the top right of the screen, these are: 

- List view 

- Pipeline view

The List view (as indicated by the name) lists all ideas, with owners, stage, status and value.

The Pipeline view shows a card of each idea, grouped by pipeline stage, and shows at a glance if the idea is on track or behind. 


The status indicator on the top left of the idea card indicates if the idea is in the correct stage at this point in time.

  • Green if in the correct stage
  • Amber if within day range for next stage. This can be set under Admin > Site Settings – Next Gate Days
  • Red if idea has missed target date to move to next stage

Idea Value

Idea owner initials

Drill down for additional details

Ideas can be filtered or added by selecting the right button at the top right of the screen

Various filtering options enable the user to evaluate all ideas in a given area, orthose taggedwith specific metadata.