When you click 'add' on the VDT View page, you will be taken to a new screen as shown below. 

  1. The name of the VDT
  2. A description of the VDT
    • This can be used for a full-text description of what the VDT does, the calculations involved, etc.
  3. The folder that the VDT will be stored in
    • Defaults to the currently selected folder.
  4. Contains the list of fields contained within the VDT
    • The drag handle on the left allows for reordering of the fields
    • Clicking on the name of a field opens the Edit VDT Field Dialog
    • Clicking on the Delete button removes the field from the VDT
  5. Opens the Create VDT Field Dialog
  6. Saves all changes to the VDT

VDT Field Dialog:

Depending on the type of the field (selected in the Type dropdown), different input fields will be displayed within this dialog. The complete list of fields are listed below.

  • Name
    • The name that will be displayed on the VDT for this field

  • Reference
    • A unique identifier for this field
    • To be used in the expressions of calculated fields
    • Must start with an alphabetic character and no spaces are allowed
    • Example: x

  • Type
    • Baseline
      • Indicates that the field represents the current/baseline value for all nodes
      • All leaf nodes will allow for capturing values for this field
    • Target
      • Indicates that the field represents a future/target value for all nodes
      • All leaf nodes will allow for capturing values for this field
    • Actual
      • Indicates that the values for this field are derived from input KPIs/calculations based on actual input values
      • A From and To Date will need to be captured that will be used to filter the results from a KPI Actuals results.
      • No capture fields will be shown for this field on the leaf nodes
    • Calculated
      • Indicates that this field’s value is derived from some combination of other field values
      • Allows for capturing an expression to specify how this field is calculated
      • This expression is global across all nodes in the VDT
      • The position of this type of Node matters, as it depends on the above nodes when calculating.

  • From
    • Indicates the start date to be used for reading KPI values for the relevant nodes

  • To
    • Indicates the end date to be used for reading KPI values for the relevant nodes

  • Expression
    • The expression to be used to calculate the values for this field
    • Based on a combination of other field references, expressions and functions
    • See Expressions for more information