All current and historical RARs are listed in date order. 

View either the RARs with your superior (“Reviewee RARs”) or the RARs with subordinates (“Latest Reviewer RARs”). 

Note: you cannot see others' RARs unless you have permission to view RAR Administration within the Administration Section of the site. 

New RAR:

Click the Add button at the top-right of the screen to open the next RAR.

A pop-up will appear specifying the Last RAR Review Date. You will also be presented with two options:

  • Did the previous RAR meeting take place?
  • Automatically add Idea Actions?

Check any of these boxes, if applicable, and click Save to proceed.

Open an Existing RAR:

Click the Reviewee, Reviewer or Review Date hyperlink (in the Table) to view the details of that specific RAR.