The RAR form can be entered either through creating a new RAR or opening an existing RAR. If an existing RAR is opened, most fields will not be editable.

The RAR form lands on the Cover page. All the available sections of the RAR can be accessed easily through the menu on the top. All RAR sections may not be available to all users. Please speak to your administrator if it is not correct.

Each section in the form needs to be completed before the RAR can take place: 

  • Cover Page
  • RAR Overview
  • RAR Last Action
  • RAR Next Action
  • RAR Resourcing
  • RAR KPIs
  • RAR Ideas Pipeline
  • RAR Cumulative Pipeline
  • RAR Ideas Progress
  • RAR Tracking
  • RAR Quality

Action Buttons:

The RAR action buttons are available at the top-right of the screen.

  • Save: Save the RAR and update it with the latest details.
  • Delete: Delete the currently selected RAR.
  • Email: Send this specific RAR to one or more people. You can also specify which sections of the RAR you wish to include.
  • Add Action: Quickly add a new action to this RAR.
  • Import: Allows the user to import Overview and Actions from another RAR.

The Download button allows you to download the RAR in PDF. Look in the task manager to retrieve the downloaded file.