This article is relevant to pre-2022 versions. For the latest version see New Experience

This screen allows you to view the RAR Compliance and Quality reports. Use the report type to view the Compliance or Quality Report or Chart. 

Use the report type drop-down list to view in report or chart formats.

Generate the RAR compliance report by selecting the Reviewer, the last review date and the number of periods (RAR periods) the report must cover. 

The displayed Reviewer list contains only the users that you Review, to see all Reviewers you need to be a RAR Administrator. 

The dates in the columns are the last day of the week (Compliance range).

Determine the level to which the report breaks down. For example, a one (1) will only break down to direct reviewees (if blank, default to show all sub reviewees).

Average Compliance percentage will show average compliance, for the selected dates, for the specific reviewer/reviewee combination.