This article is relevant to pre-2022 versions. For the latest version see New Experience

The status colours on the Benefit Dashboard are calculated or defined as follows: 

  • Stage: The colour of the stage the idea is currently in as per Site settings.
  • Next Stage: Indicates if the Idea is on track with its next stage, Red if the Idea is still traversing the Stages and Green if all stages have been completed based on the Define stage dates.
  • Actions: Indicates the overall status of actions, i.e. Red if there’s an action that is Red, Amber if there’s an Amber action otherwise green.
  • Benefits: Indicates the overall performance of the Idea against its target, Red if there’s a month that did not meet its targets otherwise green.
  • KPIs: Indicates the overall status of all KPIs linked to the Idea, Red if any of the KPI did not meet its targets(Red), Amber if any is Amber, otherwise green.

Note: (run rate $0.00 / $0.00 p/m) – (RunRate = sum of all benefits for the Idea / p/m = Average of the Run Rate (Rate Rate / months))