A downloadable PDF version is available at the bottom of the page together with the Excel import template.

Rules. (Required fields are marked with a Red background colour)

Field NameDescriptionRulesException HandlingValues to be placedDefault ValuesField Type
IdeaNumberThis field contains the unique Number/Code of an Idea Must be unique for non-deleted ideas, (can use the same IdeaNumber as a deleted idea). 1-20 characters.If the records data exceeds 20 characters, the record will NOT be imported. And field cannot be blank
Please note this is a required field and cannot be left blankVariable Character (20)
Custom Field ColumnsCustomField ValuesCustom Field column headers must be prefixed with the word 'CustomField' followed by the name of the custom field, ie: for the Category custom field, the column header name must be: 'CustomFieldCategory' remove all spaces and special characters.
This field can be blank, the record will still be imported. Their value must be the exact value shown in the form for text, long text, number and drop down list types, for checkbox custom fields, the value must be either true or false. false = unchecked, true = checked. For date fields the date must be a valid date. Multi Select Custom Field Value will need to be specified inside square brackets. i.e. Budget, InvestN/AVariable Character