Rules. (Required fields are marked with a Red background colour)

Field NameDescriptionRulesException HandlingValues to be placedDefault ValuesField Type
Team NumberThis field contains the unique Number/Code of a TeamMust be unique for non-deleted teams (can use the same teamNumber as a deleted team). 1-20 characters.If the records data exceeds 20 characters, the record will NOT be imported. N/A If the fields value is either blank or "NEW" then the number will be generated from the relevant team sequence which can be setup in the admin module.Variable Character (20)
NameThis field contains the name of the teamNames cannot be duplicated. Names can contain alphanumeric characters. Workstream names cannot be duplicated. Workstream names must be unique in order for the workstream to be imported.N/AN/AVariable Character (200)
DescriptionThis field contains the description of the teamCan contain alphanumeric charactersThe description for the workstream does not have to be captured for import to occurN/AN/AVariable Character (1000)
Workstream NumberThe workstream that is the parent of this teamMust be a program number that already exists in the system, or is contained in the program sheet in this workbookThis is a required field. If it is not supplied the record will not be importedN/AN/AVariable Character (20)
OwnerThis field contains the owner of the workstreamThe users need to be created on the system in order to be identified as owners of an workstream This field can be blank, the record will be imported. UserFirst user on the list of the systemLookup (Users)



Team NumberNameDescriptionWorkstream NumberOwner