The enhancements in PiPware 20193.3 include the following:

  • Cumulative Benefits report: A new tab was added for Year to Date value
  • RAR Actions: The next action in a previous RAR is always brought into a new RAR as a Last Action; even if it was completed.
  • Transfer of Ownership: KPI Owner has been included
  • Added a new level into the organizational hierarchy, Teams, which is a level under Sub-Departments
  • User unavailability – A new admin feature that allows the admin to set a user’s unavailability.
  • If the organization access is enabled/restricted, a user will not be able to see any department, sub-department or team outside their defined scope. Users will not be allowed to filter on any level they have no access to
  • Added Node status field selection in Value Hound


  • Current Pipeline report now sorts by Value correctly – Ideas without a value are now the lowest
  • Resetting tag filters are now cleared

Some other minor bugs that were identified from our previous release has also been fixed.