The enhancements in PiPware 20193.2 include the following:

UX Changes:

  • Changed the layout of the Filter and reset button to be correctly aligned and included text description
  • Charts have been upgraded to provide a more modern look
  • Pipeline reports: The icons and details of the cards have been improved. Each card now only shows the ideas next month’s stage.
  • Report Filters: Filter/search areas can now be collapsed when not required.
  • Other general UX improvements have been made throughout the system


  • RAR Admin: A RAR admin will now have to have the correct RAR access set up on department / sub-department level, within the Admin > User set-up page under the access tab
  • Idea custom fields: These can now be configured under the Admin > settings page, for custom fields to appear in the main idea forms section.
  • Site holidays (Site unavailability): PIPware now has the functionality to add holidays or a site's unavailability. This is configured within the site’s setup, unavailability section.
  • Idea Readiness tracker: This new report provides a report with the status/readiness of each idea.
  • Added a new KPI report: This reports on outdated KPI’s
  • Addressed a minor bug found in the Ideas benefit calculation page that duplicated certain labels

Some other minor bugs that were identified from our previous release has also been fixed.