The following enhancements and fixes are now available in PiPware 2018.8.75:


Dashboard: We have added a Source and Priority column to the Actions Widget.
Exports/Downloads: We now Include the Comments & Priorities on the Actions download & Actions Export.


Bug Fix: Resolved an issue where users were unable To move actions from Completed back to Overdue/Pending.
Bug Fix: Resolved an issue where Monthly and Yearly meeting Instances were not displaying in the Meeting Schedule.
Actions: Meeting Actions popup display now includes a Priority checkbox.


Idea Attachments: We now display an error message if an idea attachment is too large to upload.
PIPeline: The system now stores the Current Pipeline view order for the user.
Tooltips: We now include a role description hyperlink next to stakeholder roles on the idea form.


Target Setting menu: We have now added the ability to filter by Site, KPI Type and Phase.
VDTs: Users are now able to create a KPI from the VDT screen.


Reports: The Cumulative benefits report is now included as an option in the RAR module
Actions: The system now locks actions on previous RARs so users can view their status at the time the RAR took place.