The following enhancements and fixes are now available in PiPware 2018.7.133:


Bug Fixes & Enhancements: Resolved minor bugs that were identified in the previous release as well as some general enhancements to improve your user experience.
API Calls: The bulk Idea API call now includes data for custom fields.


Workflows: Users can now update an Idea workflow definition and ensure those changes persist to the Ideas that are already created within PIPware.
Risk Types: Users can now specify the names and add new Ideas form Risk Types.


Quick Add Actions: Users can now quickly add new actions from anywhere within PIPware by clicking the ‘+’ icon in the sidebar.


Daily To-Do Mailer: Users now have the option to subscribe to a Daily To-Do mailer which highlights outstanding actions and approvals.


RAR Quality Report: The RAR Quality Report has now been added to the RAR report selection list.

Language Keywords management.

  • Localizations: Updates have been made to cater to the Russian and Arabic language selections.
  • As an administrator you are now able to manage the Sites Language Keywords, you will need the permission (Manage Language Keywords) and then access the page on the Administration page.