The following enhancements and fixes are now available in PiPware 2018.6.142:


  • We have made localization updates for non-English Sites.
  • Added the ability to specify the page size at a site level.
  • Added the ability to filter reports by Site and Custom filters.


  • Added KPI Control chart legends


  • Added support for Site Unavailability on the current pipeline
  • Fixed an issue where the user would not navigate back to idea edit screen from the Ideas sections.


  • The system will now display a confirmation message when a meeting definition has been updated, allowing the user to decide whether to send updated iCal invitations.
  • Added ability to filter meetings by Site (applicable to Corporate instances).
  • We now include reports in the downloadable meeting pack.
  • Site and Custom filters are now available on all reports included in the Meeting.
  • We have also added the ability for a user to set meeting reminders.