The following enhancements and fixes are now available in PiPware 2018.4.45:


Bug Fixes & Enhancements: Resolved minor bugs that were identified in the previous release as well as some general enhancements to improve your user experience.

Actions pop-up screen: An enhancement has been made to the Actions screen to allow a user to capture important information easily whilst still having the option to add additional information. The additional information now sits within an easy-to-access Details drop-down as shown below:

Search/lookup fields: An enhancement has been made to the search fields, where if one item is selected, we now display the full name of that item. If more than one item is selected, we display ‘XXX items selected’. This functionality is shown below:


Layout Options: We have added a new Full-Screen layout option for user dashboards. This new layout option is easily accessible via the Dashboard settings, as shown below:


Production Days enhancement: Added the ability to accurately calculate actual production days by specifying working days for the week as well as unavailability/downtime in the PIPware Calendar. This can be configured in the Site Settings, as shown below:


Gating/Work Plan: An enhancement has been made to the position of the splitter in the Ideas Work Plan. This is to ensure users can easily view all actions by creating a 50/50 split on the screen. The splitter will also remember any user’s adjustments made.


Outstanding Actions Report: The Priority column is now sort-able on the Outstanding Actions report.


Reminders: Added the ability to automatically send an email that reminds participants of an upcoming meeting and the actions they need to complete. This reminder can be configured in the Meeting Definition.
Permissions: General enhancements have been made to user permissions in the Meetings Module. Non-participants are no longer able to see meetings in the schedule/list. These permissions are available under Administration | Roles | Permissions.
Auto-save: The Capture Meetings screen now auto-saves as a user makes changes. This is to ensure all actions, decisions made and other changes are successfully saved.
Reports: Added the ability to view Meeting Compliance across all sites (Please note: this feature is only applicable when viewing from a Corporate site).