The following enhancements and fixes are now available in PiPware 2018.2.0:


User Manual: Added a Help Icon so that users are now able to easily navigate to the updated PIPware help documentation and support page.

Web Browser Related Issues:

  • Resolved an issue where some users were not able to click on the Pipeline sub-menu in the navigation pane.
  • Resolved an issue where Internet Explorer was not displaying the RAR list for certain users.

Performance and other Improvements:

  • Improvements have been made to the performance and stability of the background job scheduler.
  • Various minor bug fixes and general performance/usability improvements across the application.

Ideas and KPIs

Idea Fields: The system now locks down Idea edit fields once an idea has been approved.

Column Picker: Added a column picker to the Idea and KPI search screens so that users can now select which columns to show or hide.

Summary Values: We have now included missing summary values on the KPI Chart. These include This Week, This Month, and 3 Month Average.


KPI Import Enhancement: KPI Actuals and KPI Targets Imports will now ignore rows with an empty date instead of logging them as an error.

Results Action Reviews

Multi-user Editing: Multiple users can now edit a RAR at the same time. The system will only save the items (actions and overview items) that the user edited, not all items in the RAR. This will help prevent items that other users have changed from being overwritten.

RAR Pack: Removed the blank page from RAR Pack download if no reports have been selected in a RAR.

Interval Dates: Improved the display of the interval dates in the RAR Quality section and the RAR Compliance Report.