The enhancements in PiPware 20201.2 include the following:

  • Added the Site's name to all Bulk API calls
  • Enhanced the functionality of searching for KPIs in a VDT, RAR or Dashboard. We no longer return all the KPIs when opening the KPI Search
  • On-going improvements of the Error message shown throughout the system


  • The idea VDT Legend no longer has $$ as a prefix¬†
  • The bug causing RAR list to not show the updated Department and Sub Department has been addressed
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Meeting API to return an error
  • The "Name" column in the KPI list will no longer disappear when the screen or other columns are resized
  • RAR compliance status is now correctly updated after a RAR is emailed
  • The Cumulative Benefits report excel is now correctly formatted
  • A bug showing inconsistencies in the activity counts on the dashboard and reports, caused by marking an activity as completed through the dashboard widget has been resolved

Some other minor bugs that were identified from our previous release has also been fixed.