If you select the Value Hound icon on the side Navigation Menu, you will enter a page that contains all the available root folders in which the VDTs are housed. These are organised in a tree-like structure of nested folders for ease of organization and navigation.




  1. VDT root folders are displayed in this section. Each VDT root folder must have specific views and fields defined.
  2. Opens the new folder dialog / Creates a new root folder. Fields and Views can be added upon the creation of a folder or added later using the edit function.
  3. Deletes the currently selected folder – A confirmation dialog will be shown to confirm this action – Only empty folders can be deleted – If there are VDTs or other folders in the folder, an appropriate error message will be displayed.
  4. Clicking on the Root folder opens to the VDTs or further folders. VDTs can be copied within the same root folder but not across root folders.
  5. Opens the Edit Folder / Add or Edit views and fields page