Each root folder must have specific fields and views defined. These can be added through the edit function of the root folder. This brings you to the field and views page.




To add a field or click on the respective add button highlighted below.



This brings you to the add field/view dialog box


Depending on the type of the field (selected in the Type dropdown), different input fields will be displayed within this dialog. The complete list of fields is listed below.




The name that will be displayed on the node for this field i.e. Target – Last Month



  • A unique identifier for this field
  • To be used in the expressions of calculated fields
  • Must start with an alphabetic character and no spaces are allowed
  • Example: TLM








  • Indicates that the values for this field are derived from input KPIs/calculations based on actual input values
  • The Period selected will be used to filter the results from a KPI Actuals results.



  • Indicates that the field represents the current/baseline value for all nodes



  • Indicates that this field’s value is derived from some combination of other field values
  • Allows for capturing an expression to specify how this field is calculated
  • This expression is global across all nodes in the VDT
  • Example of a field would be variance = actual - target



  • Indicates that the field represents a future/target value for all nodes

Custom Target


  • The target must be linked to a category under the custom target dropdown field. The category can be created or edited in the Administration page under custom target.
  • Indicates that the field represents a future/target value for all nodes




  • Indicates the period used for reading KPI values for the relevant nodes
  • A list of dynamic point in time selections are available from a drop-down menu (ie yesterday, YTD, MTD)
  • For custom period selection the date needs to be specified from the start date to the end date for which the KPI values for the relevant nodes must be read.



  • The expression to be used to calculate the values for this field
  • Based on a combination of other field references, expressions and functions
  • See Expressions for more information


‘Use For Node Status Calculation’ box 

  • For the default “all” view selection, the fields selected for the node status calculation will be used in the status calculation 





Views are a means to display the values of a selected group of fields in the nodes of a VDT. Once a selection of views are created in the root folder, it is easy to toggle between them in the build/display VDT view in order to highlight different values. An example would be to create a ‘YTD’ view which includes the YTD-target field and YTD-actual field. If this view is selected, the nodes will only display the fields selected in the view as seen below.





To add a view in the root folder click on the add button below views to open the add view dialog


  1. Name for the given view 
  2. List of fields that will be displayed on the VDT nodes
  3. A dropdown list of nodes which can be added by selecting the node and clicking the green addition button
  4. Node calculation box - The boxes which are selected will be used in the status calculation of the node. For example, if there are two target fields, stretch target and target, one can select the box of the one which should be used in the calculation.
  5. Delete a specific field from view