The changes in PiPware 20202.2 include the following: 

New Features: 

  • Included the date/time of the tasks within the notifications pane.
  • If there are two RARs in the same period with one being canceled and one is active, the compliance of the RAR that is not canceled will show in the compliance report. Previously the canceled RAR would take precedence. The compliance entry in that period would be blank.
  • A new setting has been added to include once-off benefits in the ideas current pipeline.
  • The PMO Workplan has been enhanced to prevent dragging errors. 

    The opacity of the dragged item has been changed so that it is easier to see the effect of your drag before releasing the mouse.

    We have aligned the effects of dragging and dropping with other project management tools as detailed below:

    1) You can no longer drop an item into another one by dragging, only reordering happens except in the below circumstance. 

    2) You can still move items in and out of an expanded action. If you do that you will get a confirmation dialog warning you that the start and end dates of the parent will change.

  • Added an option to the Ideas Benefit Chart to toggle the display of the one-off costs/benefits on the chart.

  • The date that the benefits were last calcula.ted is displayed on the Idea benefit Chart.

  • Added ability to reply to the Reviewee when they distribute a RAR via email.


  • Fixed issue where only the 1st 10 risks were shown on PMO programs/workstreams.
  • Fixed issue where BulkData Meetings API was excluding actions on certain meetings.
  • Fixed a bug that results in two meeting instances for a particular day.
  • Fixed issue with attribution analysis report download functionality.
  • Fixed KPI chart "display bar values" checkbox not working in IE11 and Edge.
  • Fixed an issue in the PMO Workplan where parent activities were showing as off-track when all their children are completed.
  • Enhanced Rar report sub-department and team filters to display parent names for identification.

Some other minor bugs that were identified from our previous release has also been fixed.