To View/Edit an Idea, select the Idea from the Ideas list page.

Change the Idea's code or name by clicking on the Code/Name at the top of the page.

To change the status of the idea, click on the "Status" dropdown to select the correct status such as "On Hold", "Archive", "Cancelled", etc.

To change the stage, click on the "Stage" dropdown and select the correct stage such as "Evaluating", "Implementing" or "Cash Flowing".

From the toolbar, the Idea form can be downloaded or emailed; notes & attachments can be added. When you click on Notes you will be presented with the following, where you can add attachments.  

The changelog (Idea and Actions audit logs) can be viewed.  

  • Ideas - This is the default selection, which only returns the audit logs for Ideas.
  • Include Actions - This is used to include actions audit, on the displayed changelog.

Use the three-dot menu to do the following:

  • Set up the Idea's access
  • Capture Idea Owner Reviews
  • Copy the Idea

Idea access is displayed as follows, you can also configure additional viewers who should access the Idea e.g Role(s) or User(s).

The Idea Owner review opens a slide-out from the left of the page which can be resized.

  • The list of all Idea Owner Reviews that were created is shown; delete a review by clicking on the delete icon.
  • Add a new Idea Owner Review by clicking on the + button on the top right, next to the close button; complete the Idea Owner Review questions (note changes are saved automatically).
  • Each Review can be downloaded by clicking on the download button on the top right of the slide-out.
  • To go back to the Reviews list, click the back button.
  • To close the slide-out, click the close button on the top right.

Once the Idea Owner Review is open, it can be downloaded from the top right of the slide-out.

The Idea information is split into different tabs namely:

  • A dashboard showcasing Performance.
  • View/Edit Idea information in the Overview
  • The VDT drives the Idea performance and value. 
  • A Workplan with relevant Actions of the Idea; displayed in a Gantt view.
  • Risks pertaining to the Idea including a consequence/probability/severity rating, and details on risk management.
  • Benefit and financial details of the Idea.
  • Workflows, stakeholders and status information for the Idea; including access to Approvals.

Changes to an Idea are saved automatically.