Set the Idea timeline and capture actions that will help the Idea progress.

  • Quick search an action using the search box.
  • Export the workplan Gantt to PDF or Excel using the export button.
  • Change the view of the Gantt to Weeks, Months, Quarter, or Years using the next button; which will display the selected view.
  • Filters the workplan by actions between dates, or if the actions are completed or not. 
  • Show/Hide the Stages in the Workplan Gantt.
  • Use the options cog to show/hide columns that need to appear on the Gantt using the column picker.

To add a new action, click the + button in the header; add a child action by clicking the + button on relevant parent action.

View a summary by hovering a workplan item. To edit an action, click on the field to edit and make the required changes.

Actions with children cannot be edited, the start and end dates are based on the children's earliest start date and latest end date.

Right-click an item to see the options available

  • Go to the timeline of the item
  • Edit the item
  • Indent the item marks the item as a child of the item above
  • Outdent moves the item out of the parent
  • Delete the item

If an action item is overdue, it changes to red, making it easy to identify. Mark an action as complete by ticking the box and capturing the date the action was completed.

Changes to the Workplan are saved automatically.