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Use the Risk tab to record risks that may impact the successful implementation of the Initiative by category. Risk management is crucial in project management because it helps identify, assess, and mitigate potential problems that could impact the success of a project. 

1. Upon opening the initiative's screen, choose the burger menu icon located on the left side of the initiative, and then select the Risk option.

2. This will open the Risk screen which is displayed as follows:

In the Risk section, you can record any potential issues that may arise during the Initiative lifecycle. Toggle the Risk Matrix button to view the Probability/ Consequence legend. This is what is used to calculate the Consequence, Probability and Severity sections in the risk table. 

The table also includes where you can define the Risk in a small paragraph, set the Risk Type and in the Risk Management section you can describe how the risk will be mitigated. Use the icons to the far-right of the table to change Site and Delete the risk.

Only once the risk is captured, you will be able to select the owner, consequence, probability and enter a risk management strategy. Click the arrow button to select the department that the risk item has been escalated to. You can delete the risk item by clicking on the bin icon to delete the risk.

Note: Changes to the Risks are saved automatically.

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Now that you understand Risk. See article: Initiative Benefit.