Capture the Idea financials including benefits start/end dates, forecast percentage, one-off off benefits and investments.

The chart shows the Benefits of the Idea for the selected month. To change the months, and view previous months' benefit performance, use the month selection on the top left of the chart.

Information can be viewed in either a Grid or Chart format and data labels can be toggled.

The Financials slide-out allows you to enter the Benefits start and end dates.

Start Date Source:

  • Stage date: select the stage in which the idea will begin showing a benefit
  • First forecast date: use the earliest forecast date captured in the Forecasts slide-out
  • Manual capture: select the desired date

End Date Source: If no end date is captured, the Benefit will be on-going and the end-date is indefinite.

  • Manual Capture: select the desired date
  • Based on start date: capture the period (in months), the system will add the period to the benefits end date.

Switching on the Annualised Benefit will always distribute the benefit over 365 days, switching this off will use the difference in days between the benefits start and end dates.

Click the forecast button to capture Forecast percentages by date. 

This forecasts % overrides the default stage % set up in Admin>Stages.

Investments can be captured at the bottom of the Benefits tab(see this link on Investment Categories)

  • One-off benefits are linked to the captured Investment categories with a type of Benefit.
  • One-off costs are linked to the captured Investment categories with type a type of Capex or Opex.

A summary of the investments and on-going benefits and forecasts are shown in the table below

  • Month Forecast = Month Target Benefits * Forecast %
  • Gap To Forecast = Month Forecast - On-going Benefit
  • Month Target Benefits is the "Target Monthly Benefits" row in the grid view. 
  • On-going Benefit is the "Monthly Benefits" row in the grid view.

If the Gap To Forecast is less than zero, 0 is shown because there is no gap.

The Grid view is a detailed breakdown of the Idea's VDT, showing the Baseline, Targets and Actuals. 

Benefit for the Month = Annualized Benefit / Benefit duration (in days)

Benefit per day = Benefit for month * Production days (taken from the calendar)


Changes to the Idea Benefits are saved automatically.