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The Initiative definition can be changed up to a certain stage; each Initiative definition has its own rules, workflows and stakeholders. When changing the Initiative definition, this resets the Initiative 's progress to the first stage, requiring the Idea to be approved again to progress.


The following changes will be made when the Initiative definition is updated.

  • All existing approvals will be cancelled.
  • Stage dates will be removed e.g Evaluating, Implementing etc.
  • Assigned Stakeholders will be removed

Once the Idea is approved, the Initiative definition cannot be changed, a lock icon next to the selected Idea definition will be shown as below:

The colour status under each stage indicates if the Idea is on/off track based on the forecasted timeline entered in the workplan; this date is shown below each stage.

The workflows under each stage are the checklists that need to be completed and approved to allow the Idea to move to the next stage.

Prior to submitting a checklist for approval, each checklist shows the list of roles that need to approve.

Note: To complete a checklist, click on the bold name of the checklist, answer each question then submit it for approval. You will not able to submit a checklist for approval until all the required stakeholder roles for that workflow are populated.

Once the checklist has been submitted for approval, the list of approvers and the date the checklist was submitted to the approver are shown below each checklist. 

You can send an email reminder to the stakeholder reminding them to complete the approval and add any required comments on the sent notification.

Note: Only stakeholders listed under the Idea Definition > Workflows > Roles will be able to receive and approve a request, ad-hoc stakeholder approvals are currently not supported for all workflows including the Initiative Form

If the person submitting the checklist is also an approver, their approval is automatically approved by the system.

Once the checklist has been approved, a check appears next to the approver's name, with the approval date in green.

Click on Stakeholders highlighted above, to specify the stakeholders for the Idea who will be responsible for approving the relevant workflows under each stage, allowing the Idea to progress along the different stages.

Note: Changes to Idea Benefits are saved automatically.

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