To create a new dashboard, click the +Add button on the PIPware homepage.

The following setup can be done when adding a new dashboard

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Discards changes.

Dashboard Name

Click on Click to edit and rename the new dashboard.


Mark the dashboard as a favourite by clicking on the star icon; favourite dashboards are quickly accessible and do not require clicking the View More option.

Add a new widget

Click this to see the different widgets made available; each widget has its own configuration that can be applied. 

In edit mode, the options icon is displayed; use this icon to set the criteria of each widget, also, click on the delete icon to delete a widget from the dashboard.

Resize and Rearrange widgets

You have the ability to drag and drop widgets in any order or position. All widgets with the exception of the KPI performance indicator can be resized, each widget has a minimum size. To resize, click the arrow on the bottom right of the widget and drag it to the desired size.

For example

Remember to click Save once changes have been made.