To select a new dashboard on the homepage, click on the arrow button to see a list of favourite dashboards, or click view more... to see a list of dashboards (private and public) available to you. The newly selected dashboard indicates the privacy setting icon before the name.


You can make a copy of a Dashboard which will provide you with the ability to make changes to the linked widgets, by clicking the copy icon.

To edit a dashboard, click the Edit icon on the right, the following options are available:



  • Enters the edit mode of the dashboard, allowing widgets to be re-positioned or resized, deleted, renamed and widget criteria updated. 
  • You can also click and rename the dashboard being edited.
  • Mark the dashboard as a favourite by clicking on the star icon; favourite dashboards are quickly accessible and do not require clicking the View More option.


Update the privacy of the dashboard. Private dashboards can be shared with selected users or roles; public dashboards are available to all users.


Deletes the currently selected dashboard.