In here you can create different engagements and link them up to the courses required.

Engagement Edit:

To Add a new Engagement you will need to click on the Add button, on the next screen presented you can specify the Name and Description together will all the Training Modules that should be completed for the Engagement.


Each engagement has targets set up by Department and Role, each capability level will require a target date per training module assigned to the course included in the engagement.

Click on + Add New Person Position to add a new target for a position, on the next screen presented you get to select the Department and Person Position.

Capability Tracker:

Each engagement has a capability tracker, this is a report for the engagement which displays all users in the system assigned the person position and belonging to that department with their capability levels. On here, you can update the persons' level by clicking on the “Current Level At This Date” column and completing the levels with dates which is a functionality for the capability building administrator who can also add notes.