The changes in PiPware 20203.0 include the following: 

New Features: 

  • If an Idea is locked, an Idea administrator can now update the approval stakeholders.
  • Added functionality to download the Idea Benefit (Grid view) in excel format.
  • Re-added the ability to show KPI chart values.
  • Enabled Actions reordering on the Idea Owner Reviews.


  • An issue displaying the incorrect Initiative Owner in the Project Schedule Export has been fixed.
  • Fixed issue with default target not being used on KPIs & RAR KPIs Downloads.
  • Fixed issue with display factor being applied twice on KPI Charts.
  • Fixed KPI Summary on RARs to display correct target value (applying display factor).
  • Fixed issue with manually added KPIs redirecting to the VDT when you click on the Chart.
  • Resolved error messages appearing incorrectly for PowerBI authentication.
  • The download of RAR KPIs has been resolved.
  • Re-added the file name when uploading/exporting files.
  • When a KPI is referenced in a KPI, and is then deleted, the KPI is no longer shown as a reference.
  • Resolved an issue not displaying YTD values on the KPI chart.

Some other minor bugs that were identified from our previous release have also been fixed.