Filter - apply filters to the list
Add folder - add folder for multiple VDT to be located, Each VDT folder in view can be configured; change the name, description, and location; by clicking on the configure icon on the folder row. You can also delete the folder by clicking on the delete icon.
Add VDT - Create new VDT

For the VDTs, each VDT has the following icons:

  • Analysis icon to view the analysis tools for the selected VDT
  • Copy the selected VDT
  • Configure the Name, Description, Owner and Location of the VDT
  • Delete the VDT, if you are the Owner.

Search - search for Ideas by entering the Code or Name using the Search box. 

"Filters are applied" will appear next to the Search indicating that the list is filtered.

Add to Library - add VDT to a library 
Analysis - Allows you to apply Variance, Sensitivity, Attribution analysis to the VDT
Copy - Copy this VDT 
Configure - allows you to edit name, description, lower, location and definition
Column Picker - allows you to add columns and see which columns have been added. Fixed columns are always visible

If the record does not show a delete icon, this means that you do not have permission to delete the VDT.