The following features are available on the Idea's list:

  • The filter button opens the filter panel; here you can apply filters to the list.
  • "Filters are applied" will appear next to the Search indicating that the list is filtered.
  • A quick search for Ideas by entering the Code or Name using the Search box.

To copy a VDT, click the copy icon next to the VDT to be copied.

Specify the Name and Location for the VDT then click Copy; Your copied VDT will appear in the specified location.

The Options cog provides the ability to show/hide columns in the list; the column picker is split into three sections:

  • Fixed columns that are always visible
  • "Columns you've added" are columns visible, these can be removed by clicking on the red "-"
  • "Columns you can add" are the columns that are still hidden, add these columns by clicking the green "+"

Add a new Folder or a New VDT by clicking on their respective buttons.

Each VDT folder in view can be configured; change the name, description, and location; by clicking on the configure icon on the folder row. You can also delete the folder by clicking on the delete icon.

For the VDTs, each VDT has the following icons:

  • Analysis icon to view the analysis tools for the selected VDT
  • Copy the selected VDT
  • Configure the Name, Description, Owner and Location of the VDT
  • Delete the VDT, if you are the Owner. 

If the record does not show a delete icon, this means that you do not have permission to delete the VDT.